Philips OneBlade the Best Electric Shaver and Trimmer

I needed to buy a birthday gift for my teenaged son, who literally has everything because he has a job, and what he can’t afford we buy for him. Most likely I’d end up buying him the same video game, or downloading music or movies he already has. What I did notice was that he was old enough to shave and was attempting to grow a moustache, so perhaps a men’s cordless shaver would be best for him.

As I searched around I found the perfect shaver for him on the best electric shaver reviews site. It actually worked as both a shaver and a trimmer, so it’s suitable for young men who would like to style their facial hair. I chose the Philips OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver.

The entire kit cost $35, so I felt confident I was buying a good product, but not totally cheapening out and buying one of those trimmers that cost $15 and would likely only last a few months. The Philips Norelco brand is a good one. The Philips OneBlade trimmer comes in a black and lime green colour and has three comb attachments that fit on the end.
Men can use the trimmer as a facial shaver, or to shave their beards down to a specific length. The comb attachments simply click on or off.

To use without the attachments you can trim or edge your beard styles. The dual sided blade will allow for precise trimming around moustache or beard. The Philips OneBlade has a fast moving cutter, but they don’t get so close to your skin that it becomes uncomfortable. If men get tired of their facial hair they can simply trim it all off.

What’s neat about this trimmer is that it is not only cordless but it’s also rechargeable. This was great because I didn’t want to give my son something that required batteries and that would need to be discarded on a regular basis.

There is a glide coating that is built into the trimmer head. This enables it to more smoothly glide over the skin. The blades have rounded polymer tips which enable it to instantly snip off hairs. It will also be able to shave off any length of hairs, from stubble to several week’s long of beard growth.

In the box is one Philips OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, three trimming combs, and one power charger.

The blades are replaceable on the Philips OneBlade. It’s recommended that they be replaced every four months, but it depends on how often you shave.

My son was thrilled with his birthday gift, and the next morning he showed up at the breakfast table with his moustache, sideburns, and eyebrows neatly trimmed. He said it was simple to use, and has a solid feel in his hands. I’m glad that I went with the Philips OneBlade rather than a regular men’s Philips Norelco shaver, as this one is multi-purpose.

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