2022 Web Design Tips That Anyone Should Know About

Your website’s trustworthiness is primarily determined by its appearance – and, sure, a poor user experience may cost you potential clients. Your website’s functionality and usability are critical, but you can’t ignore the importance of design. To become the backdrop of your company’s brand, your background colors, spacing, and other visual aspects must all work together. Consider these web design recommendations for 2022 as we enter a new year to improve the look and feel of your site.

Web Design Trends for 2022 That You Should Be Aware Of

The state of technology is always changing (which is why our website designer stay so busy). It only takes a few years to notice how design components and website functionality have progressed. The contemporary minimalism approach contrasts with the design, text, and feature-rich websites of the 2000s and 2010s.

1. Eliminating “Friction”

You’ll want to avoid including too many visual components that compete for attention because concise, clean-cut design is currently king. A crowded web page has complicated animations and too much copy, texture, color, and font. A real minimalist website removes all elements that would detract from the website’s main focus. Rather than introducing extra features, you can improve your design by identifying a vital focus and emphasizing it.

2. Micro-animations’ Ascension

Users adore videos and will continue to do so. However, too many movies might cause your website to load slowly, which is why GIFs and other types of micro-interactions are so popular. They may not be able to tell your brand’s story or provide step-by-step instructions on how to use your product or service (keep them for video), but they may be a powerful tool for encouraging website visitors to take action.

3. Vibrant Color Schemes

It doesn’t have to be boring to have a simplistic design. Without depending on flashy, oversaturated features, a bright, strong color palette may help your website stand out. Even a single contrast shade added to an otherwise monochrome design can make it stand out. It’s not necessary for every whitespace to be white!

4. Scrolling in Parallax

The background moves slower than the foreground information, creating levels and depths in your design as well as a sense of visual hierarchy. It can also assist bring attention to calls to action and forms as an extra advantage.

Tips for a Long-Lasting Website Design

You won’t be able to keep reinventing the wheel all of the time, so you’ll want to make a good design that will last a few years. While the aforementioned trends are popular right now, the following will continue to be relevant and appealing to website visitors for many years to come.

Include features like keyboard navigation, closed captioning for video material, and alt text on images in the availability and accessibility section.

Create a responsive site design that allows users to scroll with their thumbs.

At the top of each page, use an H1 header structure.

Create CTAs that include clickable links to article downloads, form submissions, case studies, and other resources.

Make a testimonials module (or maybe a new web page) to highlight them.

Original photographs normally win out over stock photos, but knowing which type of photography to seek for when you can’t avoid the latter is crucial. Finding images that portray real-life scenarios rather than corny, high-fiving, all-hands-in photos is the most crucial aspect.

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