Few Great Time Tracking Apps That You Should Try

Time tracking software is an essential time management tool that can make you and your team more productive and organized.

Simply put, a time tracking tool will help you and your business save money and valuable time.

The problem is that innumerable time monitoring apps are available, each with a wide range of capabilities. Monitoring productivity, GPS tracking, billing—the list is endless.

What tool would be ideal for you and your team, though?

The reply is, “It depends.”

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or the boss of a major corporation, we did the research for you and compiled the top time tracking apps in one location so you can pick the one that’s appropriate for you.

This comprehensive list of time monitoring apps includes both time trackers with the most basic functionality and extremely sophisticated tools. Make careful to locate the productivity tracking program that best meets your requirements.

DeskTime is an intuitive time tracking program that integrates the three critical aspects of productivity analysis, project management, and personnel monitoring. Additionally, by categorizing websites and applications into “Productive” and “Unproductive,” this employee productivity tracking software is intended to assist managers and their teams in identifying their unproductive tendencies.

DeskTime keeps track of your time and analyzes your daily efficiency and productivity depending on how you classify URLs, programs, and apps. This implies that your daily productivity increases as you spend more time using productive software.

Of course, URLs’ effectiveness or ineffectiveness depends on each user’s position. DeskTime enables you to form staff groups and manage application productivity for each group on an individual basis. By doing this, you can make Facebook work for your marketing staff while being counterproductive for everyone else.

With whom?

DeskTime is the ideal time tracking tool for businesses and teams who are more concerned with the overall picture than a thorough examination of the websites and applications their staff uses. Set the productivity goal (for instance, the average monthly productivity must be 85%) and watch your staff members achieve it.

Special attributes

  • Timeline for daily productivity.
  • reports with downloadable images and great detail.
  • automatic screenshots
  • Timer for pomodoros.
  • project management app integrations.
  • The absence list
  • shift planning
  • Invoicing

User feedback on DeskTime

One of the top time monitoring apps is DeskTime. In addition to keeping track of time, it also keeps track of employee productivity and efficiency using clever calculations. It also doesn’t need a lot of configuration.

DeskTime’s productivity tracker may be a little challenging when there are many different activities going on since it might be difficult to keep track of what is and isn’t productive.


  • iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • DeskTime Pro: Annually-paid pricing options start at $7 per user and can be as low as $5.50 per user for bigger companies.
  • DeskTime Premium: Annually-paid pricing plans start at $9 per user and can be as low as $5 per user for bigger teams.
  • DeskTime Enterprise: Annually-paid pricing options start at $14 per user and can be as low as $7,70 per user for bigger companies.


Online project management and time tracking tool ProofHub has strong collaboration tools. The software’s user-friendly design makes it simple for teams to adopt it.

As soon as you start working on a task, an automatic timer starts recording each billable hour. The advantage of ProofHub is that manual time entries are also possible. The time information is kept in lovely timesheets that you can utilize for billing purposes.

In ProofHub, time reports let you monitor each user’s output. It interacts with outside programs like FreshBooks to make billing and invoicing easier. In addition, you receive sophisticated capabilities like file sharing, group chat, customized workflows and kanban boards, note-taking, and many others.

With whom?

For teams and supervisors aiming to increase productivity and monitor their productive efforts, ProofHub is ideal.

Special attributes

  • elements of advanced project management

Tools for real-time collaboration

  • specific reports

What users of ProofHub say

The obstacles that kept our team members from getting the information they required were removed by ProofHub. Instead of forcing us to work around the software’s restrictions, ProofHub enables collaboration and lets us establish our own priorities. It is expensive and exceedingly unreliable to use carrier pigeons. I’m really grateful for ProofHub!

There are undoubtedly enhancements that the Gantt chart might utilize. The API may also receive more functions.


  • Web, iOS, and Android


  • Ultimate control plan for $89 per month, payable annually, with unlimited users and projects

Hours is a time clock software with simple time tracking capabilities that is best suited for users who aren’t interested in sophisticated features. Hours is a mobile app that enables you to swiftly move between jobs while maintaining a running list of timings.

You may color-code your tasks and projects in Hours to better manage them. That is, you can quickly distinguish between tasks and projects by assigning them a certain color.

Additionally, you can instantly edit any recorded timestamps using the app’s timeline. You can change it by simply sliding the start time back to 10:00, for instance, if you started a task at 10:00 but neglected to set the timer until 10:15.

With whom?

If all you need is a straightforward time tracker and rudimentary report-sending capabilities, Hours is for you.

Special attributes

  • project and task color coding.
  • timers that start timer reminders.
  • is compatible with Apple Watch.

What users of Hours say

The capabilities in this software will enable you to precisely track your time and make notes about what you were doing and for whom.

Because there isn’t a Windows or Mac version of the time tracker program, you might occasionally forget to set the timer and click it to start. Without any other productivity trackers, Hours is also solely a work time tracker app.


  • Monthly fee: $8 for per user.
  • Annual cost: $80 for per user.

With the use of timers and the desktop client, Timecamp’s cloud-based time tracking system makes it simple to manually and automatically track work time.

Project managers can communicate, keep tabs on billable work hours, and track the progress of their projects using the app. It also enables the automatic creation of staff paychecks and the sending of customer invoices. It also has a feature that lets you see whether your staff are being as productive as you need them to be throughout the working day.

Timecamp has more than 50 connectors with help desk applications and project management tools (such as Asana and Basecamp), which sets it apart from other time tracking apps (Zendesk). You can start tracking time immediately by simply syncing and importing your previously created tasks and tickets into Timecamp.

With whom?

Timecamp is a solution for breezeclock.com managers and businesses searching for a time tracking, billing, and employee productivity app that works with project management applications.

Special attributes

  • Find out how productive you are each day.
  • Create and maintain client invoices.
  • Receive alerts when a customer views an invoice.
  • a record of attendance.

What users of Timecamp think:

An attractive UI and simple customisable reports make Timecamp a good choice for time monitoring. You can view your daily productivity analysis, making it a useful productivity tracker as well.

Integrations don’t always function correctly. The application for mobile devices contains some faults that may result in data loss.


  • Web, Apple’s Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android


  • monthly schedule Solo: Free for one person
  • monthly schedule Base: $7 per user
  • Pro monthly plan: $10 per user
  • Basic annual plan: $5.25 per user, each month
  • calendar year Pro: $7.50 per user/per month (basic);

*Discounts for educational institutions, students, and non-profits.

Time Doctor combines project management, time tracking, and personnel monitoring. It is an effective employee monitoring tool because it provides you with a wealth of information on your staff.

The web pages and apps that each employee uses are tracked by the Time Doctor time tracking system. Additionally, it enables managers to capture desktop images of what their staff members are currently working on in order to reduce the likelihood of slacking off.

In addition to time tracking, Time Doctor lets you pay your staff straight from the program using your preferred method, such as PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise, or any other. The compensation is automatically determined based on the number of hours each employee has put in.

With whom?

Time Doctor is a potent employee time tracking tool for both smaller and larger businesses (20-500 people) searching for an all-in-one detailed employee monitoring and employee payment software. It’s a time-saving solution for CEOs of small businesses and startups. Paying directly from the time tracking app.

Special attributes

  • Utilize the program to create payrolls and pay your staff.
  • automatic screenshots
  • Access your Time Doctor account for clients.
  • monitoring of chat.

What clients of Time Doctor say

It’s simple to always be transparent with clients when using Time Doctor. The time tracking software TimeDoctor assists in keeping track of project hours and providing clients with official proof of work.

Because of its archaic UI and occasionally difficult to locate features, Time Doctor is not the best time monitoring app in terms of design and use. Possibly more logical.


  • Web, Apple’s Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android


  • $10.99 for each user, every month

*Additional discounts are offered to teams of ten or more.

Toggl is a user-friendly time tracking tool that uses timers. After creating a project, add a task to it, then start the timer. Finished working on a specific project? Press the stop button to change tasks.

Create an invoice for your client after completing the project, then send it without leaving the app. You can also provide the customer a copy of your project time report in Excel, CSV, or PDF so they are aware of what they are paying for.

Toggl makes it simple to create projects, assign roles, and estimate budgets and schedules for every project involved. This enables you to identify which projects are behind schedule and over budget right away and arrange your time and resources accordingly.

Additionally, they just released a brand-new Toggl Android app that you can use in conjunction with your current Toggl account for simpler time monitoring and increased productivity.

With whom?

Toggl is a fantastic option for collaborative freelancers, start-ups, and small enterprises working on challenging projects with tight budgets because of its schedules and budget planning function.

Special attributes

  • Establish expected project budgets and timelines.
  • useful browser add-ons (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).
  • a different Android Toggl app.

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