In Which Vibrators You Should Invest In


In Which Vibrators You Should Invest In

There was much to be wrong in trend forecasting the past year. One would never have predicted a global pandemic that would completely change the way we eat, sleep and do other activities. We were wrong. 2020 was, in fact, the year that the vibrator came.

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Your sex toys could have become more dear to you in the past 12 months, especially if you are your own safest partner or where you may have a long-distance (or social distance), lover . The sex industry and sex toys have seen incredible growth in recent years. This year, there was a steady stream of new toys being released from January through December. Which toys were the best?

Here are our top picks for 2020’s most popular sex toys. These bad boys will help you get started in 2021.

LELO Smart Wand 2: The Best New Wand

A heavy wand any lover of strong vibrations should have in their collection. LELO’s Smartwand 2 can be used to massage the whole body.

Honorable Mentions: WeVibe’s Wand came in second place for many reasons. It’s comfortable, curved design, attachments, and quiet make it an excellent alternative for wand enthusiasts who might want something smaller.

We-Vibe Nova 2, the Best New G-Spot

I-Vibe Nova2 was the standout among all the dual-stimulation and rabbit-style vibrating toys that I received in 2020. It is almost fluffy and soft! It’s soft and almost fluffy.

Honorable Mentions: From Spencer’s OONA Collection, I was pleasantly surprised to see Joy — a heated and rechargeable rabbit that has made chilly nights/mornings a lot warmer.

Best High-Tech Vibe: LELO Ora 3

LELO’s Ora 3, an oral sex mimicking tool, was a late addition to my 2020 sex toys toy try-its. It’s a toy that takes patience and willingness to go along with slow-burn sensations. But, I can’t help but love the natural, tongue- or finger-like feeling it gives me. This toy is a 10/10.

Honorable Mentions: Another offering by high-tech brand Lora Dicarlo is Ose 2, a stimulating robotic toy that combines the best of both suction and finger/tongue-like rotating stimulation.

Best Value: Oona Awaken

My favorite line from Spencer’s OONA, Awaken, is like your older sister. It’s larger than you might think, and offers a variety of intensities. Its tip is perfect for relaxing along your clitoris, and its silicone body-safe design makes it completely friendly for internal stimulation.

This item is currently out-of-stock, but I highly recommend it.

Honorable Mentions:Okay. TBH, most Spencer’s OONA Line qualifies. The roll-out featured a wide variety of toy designs and concepts you wouldn’t find at expensive retailers for a fraction the price.

Unbound’s puff is the best new stimulator for clitoral stimulation

Unbound’s tiny, unassuming little buddy became his bedside friend this fall. Puff, a quiet and portable suction toy with air power, is perfect for clitoral stimulation. It’s also great for nipple stimulation. It is comfortable and simple to use. The battery lasts quite a while. It is so wonderful.

Honorable Mentions: This year and the previous few years have been absolutely amazing for clitoral stimulation sex toys. The breezy air technology has seen a dramatic increase in popularity, making suction and sonic powers the new standard. LELOSILA, which we discussed at length earlier in the year, and Lily Allen’s take Womanizer Liberty were close contenders for the top position. They might be sucky, but they don’t suck.

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