Is MyBookie Sportsbook Is Illegal In The US?


Is MyBookie Sportsbook Is Illegal In The US?

MyBookie Sportsbook may not have been around as long as some of the other businesses we’ve reviewed, but they’ve swiftly established themselves as a top choice for US sports fans searching for legal betting action. MyBookie is based in Curacao and offers more betting options than the majority of online sportsbooks we’ve seen. If you’re a sports fan seeking for a significantly wider number of wagering alternatives and competitive betting lines, this bookmaker might be right for you.

On their initial deposit, new players can get a 50% bonus up to $1,000. Additionally, committed players are eligible for reload bonuses, and there is the ability to wager on horses as well as play a full menu of casino classics, including live dealer table games. Because I prefer numerous gaming marketplaces, the range of venues appeals to me because I like the simplicity that consolidated options provide. To be honest, I like Bovada for that side of the action when it comes to casinos. In terms of sports betting and horse racing betting, I believe MyBookie is quite competitive.

Overview of MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie began operations in 2014 and has since grown to become a major player in the online sports betting sector. This bookmaker, licensed by the Curacao government in the Netherlands Antilles, allows US players to wager on sports legally and safely.

MyBookie provides to a primarily American audience, with odds and lines tailored specifically for US bettors. The site covers all of the country’s major leagues, putting them front and center once you check in, which doesn’t truly distinguish them. Lines from a variety of overseas leagues, sports, and events are also covered.

What I enjoy about their brand is that they go places that no one else, at least not publicly, dares to go. They think outside the box and offer unusual lines that aren’t available anyplace else, including as celebrity divorce lines, death matchups, and religious event odds.

In comparison to other books and even Vegas, MyBookie offers competitive lines, and it frequently distinguishes itself by offering much superior odds on particular contests. With the exception of New York, New Jersey, and Nevada, MyBookie allows bettors aged 18 and higher from most states.

Why Should You Trust Our Opinion On MyBookie?

Our crew has a total expertise of over two decades in the world of online sports betting, but we’re not just writers. We gamble on sports ourselves. When we recommend MyBookie, it’s because we choose them from hundreds of other offshore books we’ve reviewed to do business with.

The findings and conclusions in our MyBookie AG Sportsbook review are based on our own personal experiences, and we’ve been closely following their operations for several years. MyBookie is always one of our first sites when we go online to put a legal sports bet.

Factors that Influence Decision-Making

While MyBookie AG excels in a variety of areas, the following premium features of their sportsbook are what keep us coming back year after year to use their legal online sports betting services.

Sports Betting Options at MyBookie

MyBookie, in my opinion, provides an excellent user experience and a user-friendly smartphone layout, but none of it matters if there aren’t enough sports to wager on. When it comes to sports betting, I’ve rarely seen an online sportsbook with as many odds on so many US and international sporting events as MyBookie.

Live Betting at MyBookie

Live betting, in my opinion, is one of the most fascinating ways to wager on sports because I can place bets on odds and lines throughout the game. These are updated in real-time according to the game’s ebb and flow. I can play while I watch with live betting at MyBookie, recovering failed pre-game bets or double down on longer odds when the games get close.

Every battle receives hundreds of new wagers thanks to live betting, but you must move quickly because the odds are usually only available for a few moments before the following play affects the projections and the lines shift.

Betting limits at MyBookie

MyBookie AG allows for a $2,000 maximum stake, while prop bets and futures are limited to $250. Members can raise their limits by contacting MyBookie customer care and providing precise information about their betting types, limit amounts, preferred sport, and objectives.

MyBookie’s team will analyze your request and react within 12 hours. MyBookie does not allow bets of less than $2 to be placed.

The Design of MyBookie’s User Interface

MyBookie’s search feature is one design element that sets them apart from the competition. Enter relevant data into the search window and press enter to find the betting line you’re looking for.

This gives it a significant time edge over other offshore sportsbook sites because it allows bettors to get to lines fast without having to navigate through tabs and sub-sections.

It also combines any betting line, including the search data, onto a single page, eliminating the need to locate each line in its own area.

If a bettor searches for Donald Trump, for example, all Presidential betting odds involving Trump will be aggregated on one page, including prop bets and any alternative lines that may not be featured in the political area or placed next to each other.

At the top of MyBookie’s Sportsbook’s main “featured” page are the major professional games that are most likely to entice US-based bettors (NFL, NCAAF, NHL, NBA, MLB).

Alternatives to Banking

MyBookie’s banking options are very user-friendly in the United States. Visa, Mastercard, retail money transfer services, cashier’s checks, money orders, bank wires, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are all accepted on the website (Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple). For the most part, depositing funds is quick and painless, especially when using cryptocurrencies.

So, how do you have your money paid out when you win? The procedure is not difficult or time-consuming, and I found it to be really effective. MyBookie payout options are substantially fewer than deposit alternatives, although this is due to adherence to UIGEA restrictions.

You can request a bank wire transfer, a retail money transfer payment, a courier check, or cash out Bitcoin/crypto for a MyBookie withdrawal. We tried them all as a group and found that each method is dependable, but bitcoin is our favorite because it is the sole choice for same-day sportsbook payouts.

Despite the fact that we believe MyBookie should consider increasing its banking alternatives in the future to be competitive, none of us on the team can state that we have ever had any problems with transactions. Our sportsbook banking comparison chart explains which payment methods are accepted by licensed sportsbooks and which site is best for your preferred deposit and withdrawal methods.

How to Make Crypto Deposits at MyBookie

Cryptocurrency is by far the finest banking option at MyBookie. Crypto allows you to send funds fast and securely, avoids all UIGEA-related hold-ups that may occur with other deposit methods from time to time, has no additional fees, has large limits, and is the only same-day payment option available. Crypto payouts from MyBookie can take as little as 5-10 minutes, and I prefer to obtain my wins as soon as possible.

You don’t need a MyBookie Bitcoin promo code or any other cryptocurrency bonus code to deposit with crypto; all you need is some coins and a crypto wallet. Navigate to the site’s cashier section, pick “Deposit” from the drop-down menu, and choose any supported crypto asset. Simply follow the on-screen directions from there.

You’ll receive MyBookie’s crypto sending address, which you’ll enter into your own crypto wallet’s recipient box. Choose the quantity of coin you’d like to deposit, then submit! Your account will be funded in a matter of minutes, and you’ll be able to start betting right away.

Note: If you don’t have any cryptocurrency yet, you can purchase some from any commercial exchange (i.e. Coinbase, Binance US, etc.). However, for new purchases, this process might take up to ten days, so if you need to bet on a line sooner, you should use one of the four excellent options offered to first-time crypto users:

Zelle — You can buy Bitcoin from private sellers on the exchange using the Zelle-To-Bitcoin banking option. This typically takes 1-2 hours, following which you will receive your Bitcoin and be able to make MyBookie deposits right away.

Cash Program — Cash App is the only peer-to-peer (P2P) app that allows users to acquire Bitcoin and send it to any external address. The Cash App Bitcoin purchase option is quick and uncomplicated, with no long wait times to deal with. You may also deposit BTC betting winnings directly into your Cash App account and cash out in a single tap!

Coinify — Coinify is a third-party online crypto store that buys new crypto significantly faster than traditional exchanges. KYC verification takes only a few seconds, and there are no further wait times before you may send your new coins wherever you like.

Atomic Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that supports all of the major online betting crypto coins, including those used by MyBookie and the other sites we suggest. Atomic is also the only crypto store in the United States that allows Americans to buy the Ripple XRP cryptocurrency, which is supported by MyBookie Sportsbook. See our Atomic wallet guide for more information on how to buy and store cryptocurrency.

Promotions and Bonuses

MyBookie offers a variety of incentives and promos. The bonuses are optional; you can accept or decline the extra funds that MyBookie want to deposit into your account. Why would someone refuse a bonus?

Well, there are wagering requirements, which means you must wager a specific amount to be eligible to earn any bonus wins. The bonus is intended to incentivize bettors to continue placing wagers. The bonus is a nice option if you want to stick around and gamble for a while, and the rollover is quite respectable. If you’re only going to bet on one game or event, you might choose to skip it.

You will be able to claim any eligible bonuses and will have access to current MyBookie bonus codes after depositing funds into your account. The reload bonus is quite generous and not available at all online sportsbooks.

New Member Bonus of $1000 at MyBookie

If you are a new MyBookie signup, you can enjoy a 50% deposit match bonus up to $1000 at the MyBookie Sportsbook. This has a minimal rollover and is a good choice for both new and experienced bettors.

Reload Bonus Up To $500 at MyBookie Sports

Existing account users can get a 25% reload bonus worth up to $500 from MyBookie, in addition to the rotating promotions that become available depending on whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport that’s in season. This incentive also has a modest, manageable rollover requirement.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus at MyBookie

When you use MyBookie’s Refer-A-Friend promotion, you will receive a deposit match of 250 percent up to $200 on your friend’s first deposit. It’s a tempting offer, and it’s not a bad way to entice you to do some promotion for them. The majority of referral bonuses we’ve seen have been far less, so Mybookie is being nice here.

Is it legal to play at MyBookie Sportsbook in the United States?

Yes! There are no regulations prohibiting MyBookie from allowing adults over the age of 18 to sign up and wager real money on sports online in the United States, either at the state or federal level. This is due to the fact that MyBookie is legally licensed and is located outside of US jurisdiction. You can sign up safely and legally as long as you live in one of the states that the site welcomes members from.

There are two exceptions in theory. The state of Washington has legislation prohibiting all forms of online gambling, including sports betting. MyBookie, on the other hand, accepts Washington residents, and we’ve never heard of any bettors being cited, fined, or arrested for engaging in offshore sports betting. You must, however, proceed at your own peril.

Is it safe to play at MyBookie Sportsbook?

MyBookie’s security profile ensures that your personal information and betting transactions are kept safe. To keep your financial information and transactions absolutely safe and secure, we use industry-leading data encryption, firewall protection, and anti-theft protocols. If they want to see bettors return for more action, it is in their best interest to safeguard their consumers, and this is reflected in their success as an operator.

The wonderful part is that they managed to do it without overcomplicating things. Despite the extensive security mechanisms in place, registering and funding an account is a quick and uncomplicated process. There are some hoops to jump through to establish your identification on your first withdrawal, but I appreciate anti-theft methods and the fact that it bans minors from participating.

Mobile Betting with MyBookie

Today, no sportsbook would be worth much without mobile betting. If a company wants to be relevant and profitable, it must appeal to mobile users, as this is where the majority of Internet traffic – and Internet betting – occurs.

You won’t be able to locate a MyBookie mobile app on the App Store or Google Play. This is owing to Apple and Google’s regulations, which prohibit real-money sports betting apps from offshore operators from being available in their US marketplaces.

However, because MyBookie’s sports wagering web app is a web-based program that does not require any latest Mybookie Promo Codes here or app store purchases, you may still participate in iPhone and Android sports betting safely and quickly. The mobile portal is responsively designed to fit any device (even large and small tablets), and the touchscreen interface is smooth, responsive, and simple to use.

Everything you’ll need for your mobile A current smartphone or tablet, an up-to-date browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), and an Internet connection are all required for MyBookie betting. There’s never anything to download or update, so you can bet right away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MyBookie Prop Maker is a tool that allows you to create your own props.

MyBookie recently launched the Prop Builder tool, which allows gamers to build and wager on personalized prop bets. Simply go to the “Applications” button on the sports betting portal’s sidebar, select the choice, and start creating your own wagers from any of the day’s games.

You may acquire literally thousands of different gambling possibilities on any contest by creating your own props on your own conditions, and you can even arrange parlays for big prizes. While standard betting boards allow you to bet on props, the Prop Builder streamlines the process and gives you many more alternatives on every matchup.

The link above provides detailed instructions on how to use the MyBookie custom prop creator.

Summary of MyBookie

Without hesitation, we give MyBookie sportsbook a 4.5/5 rating. We are not just confident in recommending them to you, but every member of our staff is a registered customer that participates in weekly site activities. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, MyBookie makes it a point to provide odds on a variety of betting lines for various events across the world so that no one feels left out.

In terms of what they cover in their lines, MyBookie is a little on the edgier side of the rails (I personally see their willingness to cover lines nobody else will as a plus…) More importantly, Mybookie is a legal and secure betting site that checks nearly all of the boxes we look for in a reputable bookmaker.

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