Los Angeles’ leading 10 costume shops

Los Angeles loves Halloween. Expect your October trip to Los Angeles to be filled with haunted homes, horror film screenings, and costume parties. If you visit during the Halloween weekend, you must wear a costume.

Didn’t bring any creepy items? That’s okay. Toy shops online in the same way that Halloween parties are abundant in Los Angeles, so are costumes. From Hollywood costume shops to thrift stores, there is an abundance of holiday attire for all budgets.

Adele is a Hollywood star

Adele’s of Hollywood is somewhat of a hidden gem; it is located on the second story of an East Hollywood building, behind gates. The little store has been in existence since 1945 and is practically bursting with costumes. Their specialty is Santa Claus costumes, but they also have an extensive selection for Halloween.

Mascot outfits are another one of Adele’s specialties; you may see costume animal heads peeking out of the store’s corners. Would you like to dress like a lobster or perhaps an anthropomorphic hot dog? This is your location.

Costumes in the Shadows

If you want to go all out for Halloween this year, drive to San Pedro and check out Behind the Scenes Costumes. This costume shop can provide you with superhero and villain outfits, but their specialty is historical costumes and masks from the Venetian carnival.

They carry anything from intricate Italian masks to simple masks for people who wish to create their own costumes. In addition, they have a selection of complex rococo costumes, masks, and steampunk accessories.

Burman Industries

Burman Industries is not your average cosmetics store. Here, professionals in the field of special effects can get everything they need to make wounds ooze and faces melt. Burman Industries carries the materials required to create casts and apply several layers of film magic.

Burman Industries is open to the general public, and if your Halloween costume requires a substantial amount of blood, you should swing over to check out the selection.

The Costume Gallery

The Costume House provides an extensive inventory of over 80,000 products for your costume needs. This North Hollywood shop, which has been in business for decades, caters to theater, television, and film clients, as well as the general public.

Whether you choose to dress as Antony and Cleopatra or Bonnie and Clyde, you can probably find what you need here. In addition to rentals, they also provide custom projects. Check the website of the retailer for more information on October sales.

Hollywood Costumes and Toys

Hollywood Toys & Costumes has been a neighborhood staple for almost 50 years and is a one-stop shop for all of your Halloween needs. In addition to the aisles of costumes, there is a tiny section of high-quality character masks with sufficient detail to terrify children.

They have a large assortment of wigs, and a stylist is available to assist you in selecting the one that best complements your costume. The makeup area covers products for special effects. In addition, you can learn a few magic tricks to amaze your friends on Halloween.

Hollywood Wigs

After liquidating its brick-and-mortar store in November 2018, Hollywood Wigs is currently selling its remaining stock at steep discounts on its website. The assortment is comprised of pre-styled wigs, human hair and synthetic base wigs, human hair extensions, hair pieces, pony tails, facial hair, eyelashes, and earrings, among others.

Iguana Vintage Garments

In October, the Hollywood Boulevard is lined with numerous businesses offering costumes. None compare, however, to Iguana Vintage Clothing. This spacious store specializes on carefully picked, well-organized used clothing and accessories that are ideal for costume hunting.

The selection of disco attire is broad. Check to the basement for additional vintage items, like cheerleading outfits, tie-dye shirts, and lab coats. If you have a costume concept, you may certainly find the necessary components here.

Ozzie Dots

Ozzie Dots is a local favorite for party apparel due to their year-round selection of costumes and antique clothing. This is a wonderful location for digging if you’re seeking for something unusual.

You’ll likely discover some traditional Halloween decorations, but you’ll also find some uncommon, possibly even bizarre items that will impress your friends and acquaintances. Avoid putting off your work. If you wait until the last minute, you may find yourself in a line for Ozzie Dots.

Western Costume Firm

Western Costume Company is an institution in Hollywood. This enormous costume company has been in business since 1912 and has outfitted performers for some of the biggest box office hits.

They have recently provided costumes for television shows such as Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men. Although this is an industry shop, you are not required to be filming a film or television show to purchase a costume here.

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