Winter Coat According To Your Body Type

Warmth, style, and flattery are three qualities that a good coat should possess. Every year, different hanfu overcoat styles come and go, but just because they’re trendy doesn’t mean they’re perfect for you. Coats are one of those goods in which the fit is quite important. There aren’t many styling options, such as a blouse, sweater, or even a dress, to make it seem more flattering. Make sure you choose a coat style that fits your physique to avoid a trip to the tailor (or, even worse, disappointment!).


Your bust and hips are similar in size, and you have a well-defined waist.

A structured coat that skims your curves will be ideal. If you dress too boxy, you’ll end up looking like a giant box. Belted coats are great for defining your waist while also keeping you warm. Make sure the style you choose falls below your hips. Your coat should not terminate right at your hips, as this would make them appear wider. Look for something that tapers more or less past the hips to maintain the body looking proportionate (straight or slightly flared is ok too). Trench coats and belted wool wrap coats are excellent choices.

Shaped like a pear

Your waist and breast are noticeably smaller than your hips.

Look for styles that elongate your legs while emphasizing your shoulders and waist. They’ll draw attention away from your hips, giving you a more hourglass figure. Keep the length in mind as well. Shorter styles that finish at the hips should be avoided. Knee-length dresses are usually a safe pick. Choose models with large lapels and unusual collars, such as a wool coat with a contrasting fur lapel or collar or a cascading lapel. Belted coats are another option for defining your waist. If you don’t like huge collars and lapels, try a double-breasted coat to lend some bulk to your torso. A duffle coat or a classic trench coat with epaulettes works well.

Triangle shaped inverted

Because your shoulders are wider than your hips, your body appears slightly inverted. It’s possible that you have a more athletic physique.

With this body form, upper and lower body balance is crucial. You don’t want a big coat that makes your shoulders look bigger than they are, especially if your hips and legs are thinner. Avoid bulky lapels and collars in favor of long, elegant lines. Choose a-line jackets with flared silhouettes to make your hips appear curvier. You might alternatively choose a loose-fitting open coat with lots of room for your arms and shoulders.

Shaped like an apple

The broadest region of your body is your stomach, while your legs are thinner.

You’ll want to keep the focus off your waist. Choose a loose-fitting style that emphasizes your legs. This necessitates the acquisition of a coat with the ideal hemline. The magical leg-lengthening mark is located at the top of your thighs. Cocoon coats are generally the greatest choice, but an a-line coat can also help to trim down the waist. Consider a lined bomber jacket for a sportier look.


You are under 5’4 and have a little frame (160cm).

Petite women must select exactly the perfect quantity of cloth to keep their coats from looking too thick. Petites are ideal candidates for shorter coats, such as pea coats or cropped shearlings. Longer styles, like as classic wool and duster coats, can, on the other hand, be extremely flattering on tiny women if they are well-tailored and have smaller cuts. The sense of height is created by the clean, lengthy line. Belted coats are also fantastic for elongating legs because they have a clearly defined waist. Petites should essentially choose between two extremes. Knee-length choices should be avoided because they will cut the body in an unusual area (making legs shorter than they actually are).


Your bust and hips are about the same size, but your waist isn’t extremely defined. You have a long and lanky physique.

Tall women are fortunate. They’re tall enough to wear more voluminous styles and don’t have to worry about hemlines. They can wear enormous cocoon or duster jackets, which are difficult to wear on many other body forms. If you want a more feminine look, a fitted coat with a wide hemline, such as a princess or swing coat, will define your waist and produce a curvier bottom.

Big Fail

Having a large bust can make finding the proper coat difficult. You’ll want a style that allows you to move about comfortably without seeming too boxy. Look for a coat with an open front that won’t bind you. Draped or cascading styles are better than wrap coats with large lapels since they need less fabric. To define your waist, choose a version with a belt.


Shopping for a body that is continuously changing is difficult to say the least. You’ll want a style that allows for expansion while remaining fashionable. Even great if you can wear it after you’ve given birth! Choose a belted coat, such as a trench or a wrap coat. Making an empire silhouette by tying the belt above your bump produces a false waist. Another ultra-stylish option that will fit your developing baby belly is a cape.

Just because the weather changes doesn’t mean you have to give up style. Everyone can find a coat that flatters them. It only takes a little trial and error to locate the one that is right for you.

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